Surfing Safari

If tow-in surfing is your thing, then Dungeons is your wave. A former fixture on the Big Wave World Tour, Dungeons can get big, really big. Waves of up to 60ft have been ridden here, so you really need to know your stuff if you attempt to drop in on this massive right-hander. As with most big waves, Dungeons only works during certain times of the year, but when the waves are pumping you can see many spectators watching from boats as surfers on their ‘guns’ try to tame this beast.

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Best Season:Summer, Winter
Popular Location: Hout Bay

Dungeons Beach

Dungeons Beach

    Surfin Safari Day Fixed

    14 Hours

    Want to do a day around the Cape’s best surfing spots? Then this is for you. Book Roadie for the day at a fixed rate and get 200KM’s of rocking the best surfing spots. This is for a group of…

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