Surfing Safari

This spot (near Scarborough) is very suitable for competent surfers. It breaks left and right, but keep an eye on the rocks. When the wind blows strongly from the north west "concave jumpers" turn out in force.

There is an easily accessable platform from where the surfers can be seen. Watching this display , it is understandeble why surfing is such a spectator sport.

Misty Cliffs is a big wave spot, make no doubt about it. Do not come here if you are not prepared to face 8 foot plus swells.

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Best Season:Summer, Winter
Popular Location: Misty Cliffs

Misty Cliffs

Misty Cliffs

    Surfin Safari Day Fixed

    14 Hours

    Want to do a day around the Cape’s best surfing spots? Then this is for you. Book Roadie for the day at a fixed rate and get 200KM’s of rocking the best surfing spots. This is for a group of…

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